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December Newsletter Of The Coppell Historical Society 1201a

Upcoming Events - December

Coppell is sponsoring a decorate your door contest in Old Town to draw people to the area. Thursday, December 4, 10-noon, please come help decorate door and Kirkland House; greenery, candles, stockings -- chairman,  Patti Carpenter; afterward,  lunch for any who can at Simmer.  

(Note from Jean: We already have a great idea that will involve collecting canned foods and toys for tots at the front door. As a teaser, a life-size Mrs. Kirkland will be involved! We will collect on the two Saturdays below and give the items to the fire department drive.)

The Old Town businesses and groups will have Old Town Christmas days on Saturdays, Dec 6 and 13, from 10-2 p.m. Businesses and restaurants will have discounts, freebies, decor, Santa, music, carriage rides, activities for kids, and possibly a huge special decoration on the commons lawn.

For Dec. 6 and 13, at our Kirkland House activity from 10-2 p.m. both Saturdays, some of our great newest members have volunteered to teach all ages how to make starched lace decorations and gifts.   We will do this outside if possible to attract attention to the house (for tours).  Come help us,  greet visitors,  and make a decoration.   (We could decorate a small tree next Christmas.)

The second Saturday, December 13, is our regular meeting day. We will make it a Christmas party at 1 p.m.  If we have business to conduct, we will do it after refreshments.

No open house on Dec. 20.

Watch for our January meeting when we will be displaying our North Lake finds, including the 92-million-year-old ammonites!

Old Town Coppell Logo

Coppell unveiled the new logo for Old Town Coppell. The logo was a result of a committee made up of businesses, residents, and other organizations with a stake in Old Town.  Local resident Gary Klingman created the logo based on a survey sent to the various groups with a stake in Old Town.

The city will allow anyone to use the logo in their business letterhead, advertisements, or other printed materials.

  Have You Seen Our Historical Markers?

We are currently in the process of erecting historical makers throughout Old Town Coppell to commemorate buildings and sites with significant histories.   

They will be  at the following locations:

  1. First school site just behind and west of the Chamber of Commerce building
  2. House of Style – Harwell House and Barbershop
  3. Site of the Bethel School
  4. Site of the Coppell RR depot (south of the Coppell Service center)

Current markers include:

  1. The Amcat office on S. Bethel (former fire station and police dept.)
  2. The little barber shop
  3. Pinkerton Elementary school

Long term plans may include:

  1. The water tank (painted with an American flag)
  2. Original Harrison House
  3. Original Post Office
  4. Grapevine Springs stone columns (recently rebuilt on S. Coppell Road just south of Heritage Park)

Each marker will have the Coppell Historical  emblem on the post.

In Other News

               Latest on Park Road Campaign

The Coppell Historical Society appeared before the city council and spoke on the importance of keeping the historic Park Road as is and not changing the road into a trail leading to the only still standing entrance to the Grapevine Springs Park.  The council agreed with us and decided to keep the road as is.  Thank you City of Coppell, Mayor Hunt, council members, and  others who agreed with keeping another small part of Coppell history intact.


  Grapevine Springs Park Columns Return

The stone columns that once stood at the south entrance to Grapevine Springs Park have been rebuilt at the corner of S. Coppell Rd. and Houston St. in Old Town Coppell.  The City of Coppell had to tear down the columns when the City's Service Center was built.  The stones were saved and used to rebuild the new columns.

Archeological Dig                                   
On November 8, 2014, approximately fifty people came to North Lake to take place in the Society's bi-annual archeological dig.

We found three 92-million-year-old ammonites, two musket balls, several square nails, and hundreds of other items.  All participants wanting to come again in early spring 2015.

            Did You Know?

Did you know we have a display case at the Coppell Senior Center?  We change the theme and items approximately every 6 months.  Our first topic was early life in Coppell, followed by the Cotton Belt RR, and now we have early schools in Coppell.  If you have not visited the case, be sure to go by and take a look.

Our Mission

We, as members of the Coppell Historical Society, will concentrate on Preservation, Restoration, and Communication of Coppell History.


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